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API specifications

Our API's

We believe in open communication between all parties, and strive to meet our customer demands in searching, exporting and importing data to and from Atlas.
You can also find some API's on Stadsnätsportalen for service providers

Data formats
  • "BB100100"
    string service_uid
    Unique product ID for a service provider product in the local network
  • "1234"
    integer Atlas User ID
    An ID for a user in Atlas
  • "2021-05-25T03:07:05Z"
    Date and time in ISO 8601 format
  • "2021-03-04"
    Date in ISO 8601 format
  • "["ABC", "DEF"]"
    array JSON Array
    Data sent as a JSON format array
  • "?data[key]=ABC&data[field]=DEF"
    array PHP Array
    Value sent in PHP array format.
  • "ABC-123-XYZ"
    string accessId
    Unique identifier of customer port in CO network