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API specifications
Base functions for Atlas API. API-user and API-key is found in Admin

API-user and API-key for another user is found under Tools for that user.

API-user and API-key for Stadsnätsportalen users are found as logged in here
FormatXML OriginAtlas ConsumerAtlas API User
  • Request

    • Attributes

    • Example request

      GET ?method=my_sites&hash=abcd
    • Response success: 200

      HTTP/1.1 200
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <my_sites>     <response>       <sites>         <ABC>           <name>Company Site</name>           <identifier>ABC</identifier>           <url>www.company.com</url>         </ABC>         <DEF>           <name>Company Blog</name>           <identifier>DEF</identifier>           <url>blog.company.com</url>         </DEF>       </sites>     </response>     <status>success</status>   </my_sites>