Hoppa direkt till innehåll
API for direct activation of services from Tjänsteguiden connecting to an API server on the CO premises
FormatXML AuthLogin OriginStadsnät ConsumerTjänsteguiden
  • Request

    GET https://www.citynet.com/[api]
    • Attributes

    • Example request

      GET /[api]?method=service_deliverable&origin=customer&service_uid=12&socket=123-456-ABC
    • Response failed: 404 Not Found

      Customer accessId not found

      HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>404</code>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response success: 200

      The service can be activated on the port

      HTTP/1.1 200
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>success</status>     <response>       <code>200</code>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response failed: 500 Internal Server Error

      Custom error code (500 series) with custom message

      HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>500</code>       <message>Endast studenter kan beställa den tjänsten</message>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response failed: 428 Precondition Required

      Customer hardware is insufficient and needs to be changed

      HTTP/1.1 428 Precondition Required
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>428</code>       <hardware>CPE</hardware>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response failed: 426 Upgrade Required

      Customer hardware or connection needs to be upgraded to activate this service

      HTTP/1.1 426 Upgrade Required
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>426</code>       <current_capacity>50000</current_capacity>       <required_capacity>100000</required_capacity>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response failed: 415 Unsupoported Media Type

      The customer is connected through a media not supported by the service (for example TV via ADSL). Valid values for media are those found in the Marknadsdatabasen specification

      HTTP/1.1 415 Unsupoported Media Type
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>415</code>       <current_media>XDSL</current_media>       <required_media>FTTH</required_media>     </response>   </service_deliverable>
    • Response failed: 409 Conflict

      If the service can not be activated due to conflict with prior service on the port that needs to be deactivated separately. The conflicting service needs to be included in the response

      HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <service_deliverable>     <status>failed</status>     <response>       <code>409</code>       <service>B2-10-10-VOIP</service>     </response>   </service_deliverable>