API för beställningar i Tjänsteguiden
FormatXML AuthLogin OriginTjänsteguiden ConsumerStadsnät
Valid values for "status" are:
neworder is new and unhandeled
receivedorder is received by target (xsp)
activeorder is being handeled
waitingorder is pending action from other party
cancelledorder has been cancelled
deliveredorder has been fulfilled to end customer
  • Request

    GET /admin/edit/services/plain/orders
    • Attributes

      • mandatory status

      • mandatory id

      • mandatory api_user

      • optional output_format

    • Example request

      GET /admin/edit/services/plain/orders?method=set_status&status=delivered&id=1234&api_user=1234
    • Response success: 200

      HTTP/1.1 200
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <set_status>     <response>       <message>Status changed to delivered for order 1234</message>     </response>     <status>success</status>   </set_status>