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ARRAY should be an array with PHP notation, as such: data=MNCMSN&data=Hallstahammar...

The array sent must follow the MdB2 specification
All values is validated and an error will be returned if it doesn't validate and the post isn't accepted.
All data is inserted into the DB as a new post or updates an already existing post depending on the data.

Note that this method should NOT be used to update your entire database. It can be used for pushing up small changes to the database or to test the API, but never to update your entire database, it is a far too costly method to use, when uploading large amounts of data, always use insert_posts
  • Request

    GET /admin/edit/mdb_buildings/plain/api
    • Attributes

    • Example request

      GET /admin/edit/mdb_buildings/plain/api?method=insert_post&data=ARRAY&hash=abcd
    • Response success: 200

      HTTP/1.1 200
      Content-Type: application/xml
        <insert_post>     <response>       <message>Inserted 1 post successfully</message>     </response>     <status>success</status>   </insert_post>